Saying goodbye

Funeral Services

Organising a funeral for a loved one is a daunting task. As well as suffering the loss of someone you hold dear, there are arrangements to be made, funeral homes to contact, people to inform. 

Creating a funeral service is a speciality here at A Life of Simple Luxury. We believe in the legacy of individuals, in the impact they made on the world around them, and the connection they had with you. 

Let Jo create a ceremony special to you, reflecting the person they were and bringing beauty into a space where grief can be palpable. 

What happens now?

You have just lost a loved one, suddenly or after a long illness, young, older or in their prime. 

First, contact the funeral home and have your initial meeting with the funeral director, where you will discuss burial or cremation wishes, choose a casket and fill in some paperwork. They will ask whether you have a celebrant for the service. You are welcome to choose your own, or the funeral director will give you a list of recommended celebrants. Jo works with funeral homes throughout the South West, and is willing to assist in creating an elegant and dignified service. 

Second, Jo will phone you and arrange a time to meet with you at your home and discuss the ceremony, to listen to stories and plan the service. We will look at photos, discuss readings and eulogies, and add in any rituals or traditions that are important to you. Jo will then create the service, and email a copy to you to ensure the service is what you envisage. 

On the day of the funeral, Jo will be at the location of the service beforehand, and will liaise with the funeral home to ensure the service runs smoothly. 

What happens at a funeral?

The basic structure of a service is as follows:

  1. Family and friends enter the venue, then stand upon arrival of the deceased.
  2. A brief introduction, followed by poetry readings, then a story, eulogy and a photo montage. After the photo montage, attendees will be invited to place rosemary or flowers on the casket and pay their respects. 
  3. The committal completes the service, where the casket is lowered into the ground, or the curtains close around the casket. 
  4. The celebrant will walk out with immediate family into the lounge.

 The celebrancy fee is included the funeral costs- there is no direct payment from you to the celebrant. 

Check out the Resources page for service samples, poetry and reading ideas, and music suggestions.