Feeling good

Ahhh- the joys of new beginnings! They (they as in JK Rowling), say that rock bottom is the best place to start rebuilding. As things stand at the moment, I’m in a bit of a hole financially, broke and under-employed, but I have time, optimism and ideas in spades. I have a new life to … More Feeling good

Holding Space

My world as it was shifted and morphed on Saturday night into something else. My partner of two years and I split, somewhat amicably, and now here I am, back to being single and regrouping, holding space for myself and allowing myself to feel all the feels- good, bad and otherwise. I’ve gone through every … More Holding Space

Online Studies: What to do when you’ve fallen behind

Amongst other things, I am a full-time, completely online student. Combine this with a part-time job, running a household, a partner who works away, two German Shepherds, keeping up with my 11 year old daughter, getting ready to launch a small business and volunteer work, and it is easy to let a day or two … More Online Studies: What to do when you’ve fallen behind