Our Daily Bread

Things have gotten so bad since my breakup. Ok- that isn’t entirely true, I have discovered a sense of wellbeing and focus that I had lost, I have found calm and whitespace, unsubscribed from drama and uncovered a wonderful woman in myself. The intangible manners of life are glowing, growing and are settling into a … More Our Daily Bread

Holding Space

My world as it was shifted and morphed on Saturday night into something else. My partner of two years and I split, somewhat amicably, and now here I am, back to being single and regrouping, holding space for myself and allowing myself to feel all the feels- good, bad and otherwise. I’ve gone through every … More Holding Space

Raise your standards

A Life of Simple Luxury has an undercurrent of quality. It isn’t about the amount of things we acquire, but rather the quality of each item, the events and the relationships we allow into our lives. Choosing quality over quantity in all things- from furnishings, clothing, food choices, and experiences to how our living space … More Raise your standards

Why I no longer declutter- and what I do instead.

Everything you own is reflects an image of who you are back to yourself.              REBECCA MCLOUGHLIN I spent what seemed like forever decluttering. I’d ‘declutter’ for a while, sometimes days at a time, sometimes a few hours, at other times a matter of minutes. I’d ‘declutter’ the pantry, I’d … More Why I no longer declutter- and what I do instead.