Hey there friends!

I’m Jo, a 30-something living in the stunning South West of Western Australia with my partner, our daughter and our 2 German Shepards’.

I originally began this blog in November of 2014 after leaving my job due to health issues and burnout. It was from this experience that I began to research simple living and to some extent, minimalism. I spent hours searching online, reading books down at the library, and flicking through magazines in cafes, looking for a solution. And then I discovered “The Minimalists”- life has not been the same since.

The day after leaving my job at the end of 2014, I crashed and burned. I suffered from severe adrenal fatigue and anxiety, both my head space and my living space were a mess. It was from being at my lowest health wise, physically, emotionally and mentally, that I realised that this was no way to live. There had to be more, something different. Other people had it all figured out (or so it seemed), why didn’t I?

I read everything I could find on simplicity, luxury, slow living, goal planning and cultivating a cozy home. Within 12 months I was back at work full-time, although in a completely different industry and environment, a company that creates every day luxury- the contrast of the two places was incredible. It was whilst during this 12 month hiatus that I began to embrace and create A Life of Simple Luxury.

After spending six weeks sleeping and regenerating, in December 2014 I decided to undertake The Minimalists Game, whereas one item of clutter is removed on the first day, two items on the second, three on the third, seventeen items on the seventeenth and so on, and by the end of the month having removed 496 items of clutter. I was like a bull at a gate, and smashed out over a thousand things in that first game. Over the following 12 months, I ended up removing more than half of the contents of my home, including extra coffee tables, a bookcase, over 1000 books, half my clothing, more than half of the contents of my bathroom vanity, I cleaned out my pantry and kitchen cupboards, the laundry, the garage- you name it, I went through it. To date, I have removed over 27,000 things from my home with the intention of creating a safe haven unencumbered by excess clutter and superfluous stuffs. The results have been absolutely magic. No longer am I overwhelmed by the amount of clutter nor the guilt of having so much excess, instead I am living in a home that is clean, simple and to me, luxurious.

And now here we are. The new full-time job I mentioned, I have just resigned from. Not because it was literally killing me (the first job mentioned was), but because as a direct result of embracing this lifestyle, my goals have shifted. I have launched my own business, I have published my first book, and am back studying. Living a Life of Simple Luxury has freed up time and space, my overheads are much lower and my spending patterns have changed- I am no longer looking for the “fix” of a new outfit to make me feel worthy, or a new vase to make my house look a certain way. A surprising side effect of major decluttering is that I am less affected by (although certainly not immune to) materialism and consumerism for the sake of making myself feel better.

A Life of Simple Luxury is a lifestyle I have created and curated for myself and my family. I am by no means perfect, and there is a constant editing process being undertaken on a daily basis. I struggle with grocery shopping (to a fault- it drives my partner crazy), and the enticing lure of a “Sale” sign still occasionally calls my name. I do, however, have defined standards and words that I use to decide whether or not to let something (or someone) into my home. I ask myself constantly “what would Simple Luxury do here?” with everything- with food, with homeware culling and purchasing, even with the way I choose to spend my time. At least once a month I still get overwhelmed and walk around the house with a box (last weekend alone my daughter and I filled four black garbage bags of redundant objects and papers), although now I am aware of the effects an untidy living space and excess clutter do to me and can adjust and regroup accordingly.

My story is not unique. I am by no means special nor different, I am just a run-of-the-mill country girl with dust on her boots and a coffee in her hands. My Life of Simple Luxury has helped me focus on my family, focus on creating and writing, and focus on becoming the woman I want to be.

I invite you to stay a while, check out this site, and my sister site http://www.jobarrettlennard.net. Let me know your thoughts- lets start a conversation.

Love Jo xx



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