My Story

Jo Barrett-Lennard


"Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication". 

Leonardo Da Vinci

Things changed for me a few years ago. One particular Tuesday morning, everything was business as usual. I made coffee and sat in quiet contemplation in my backyard for a few minutes. Things were shifting around me, works, relationships, life goals and plans.  Somewhere from beyond me, came the words "create a Life of Simple Luxury". 

I had no idea what that meant. I wrote it on a Post-It, stuck it inside my wardrobe door and went about my day. 

Over the next few weeks, threads began unravelling, and parts began falling away, and the vision for "A Life of Simple Luxury" became more and more clear. 








How can I create "A Life of Simple Luxury"? How can I bring that into the world?

By celebrating life. 

Personal relationships are the most important aspect of any persons life. No man is an island, and the celebration of connection and the relationships we cultivate are the essence of A Life of Simple Luxury. 

It was from this place that I became an Authorised Civil Celebrant. To create beauty, romance, connection and grace. 

Life covers a spectrum of celebrations- from marriage and commitment, to pathways and rites of passage into adulthood and personal transitions, to celebrating the life and loss of those we love.

Your wedding day is for you and your partner, a celebration of the commitment of the love and the bond you share. I can help bring the vision you have for the first pathway into married life into fruition, celebrating one of the most important days you will have together. Weddings can be fun and vibrant, sophisticated and elegant- let us work together and create a ceremony that is meaningful and personal to mark the transition into a shared future. 

The celebration of life is also intrinsically linked to the grief of loss. Funerals can be difficult, wading through grief and the uncertainty of the unknown. As your funeral celebrant for your loved one, you are supported every step of the way, creating a ceremony that reflects the whole person, the life they lived and the connections they made. Funerals are an event of beauty- a meaningful celebration of love ad life. 

Lets work together to create and celebrate "A Life of Simple Luxury"- by choosing connection and beauty, we can craft an occasion to mart your new transition. 

♥ Jo Barrett-Lennard