Feeling good

Ahhh- the joys of new beginnings! They (they as in JK Rowling), say that rock bottom is the best place to start rebuilding. As things stand at the moment, I’m in a bit of a hole financially, broke and under-employed, but I have time, optimism and ideas in spades. I have a new life to … More Feeling good

Our Daily Bread

Things have gotten so bad since my breakup. Ok- that isn’t entirely true, I have discovered a sense of wellbeing and focus that I had lost, I have found calm and whitespace, unsubscribed from drama and uncovered a wonderful woman in myself. The intangible manners of life are glowing, growing and are settling into a … More Our Daily Bread

The End is Nigh

2017 is coming to a close- and in all honesty, I am so ready to be done with this year. I’ve come out of a relationship bruised and defeated (and all the other aspects that stem from that), I’ve been cheated on, and I have struggled to put myself back together. I have big plans … More The End is Nigh