Why I no longer declutter- and what I do instead.

Everything you own is reflects an image of who you are back to yourself.              REBECCA MCLOUGHLIN

I spent what seemed like forever decluttering. I’d ‘declutter’ for a while, sometimes days at a time, sometimes a few hours, at other times a matter of minutes. I’d ‘declutter’ the pantry, I’d ‘declutter’ the living room and my bedroom. The bathroom and laundry would be ‘decluttered’ and then I’d start on the linen cupboard. And it worked. For a while. Eventually though, things creeped back in and the process would start again.

Yes, the process over time freed up so much space, created so much clarity, and made me a much calmer person. I became inspired and focused, and then suddenly an internal transformation was beginning.

‘Decluttering’ was brilliant- and there is no way back to what life was before. But it no longer serves me and it isn’t something I do anymore.

Instead, I have shifted the word ‘declutter’ to Edit.

Decluttering removes objects from your home, to edit is to choose what stays and represents to life you want and the person you want to become.

Decluttering is a mission, for some a journey that never seems to end. To edit is to curate your space with intention and focus.

Decluttering looks towards the excess, the layer of dust, the untidiness of your space. To edit is to work towards the end result with you at the centre of the process. It makes the situation much more about you as a person, and the living space that represents you, than removing objects because you have had enough of the superfluous.

Decluttering is essentially “dealing with it”. Editing is about the loving attention you give yourself and the loving space created to nourish.

There are times when we simply do not want to deal with our space- it feels overwhelming to start and then there is the wood/trees scenario. Editing puts you back into your power, curating your space to make it an extension of you. Editing allows for big shifts, it allows things and people you want into your life, the process- even though it can involve removing excess- is one of creating and embracing.

The simple shift of just one word emulates an idea of gentleness and puts you back in a position of power, you have control over the person you want to be and the space the you would like to occupy.

How are you going with your decluttering? Are you ready to begin to edit? Let me know in the comments below. Lets start a conversation.


Jo xx



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